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Five Top Myths about Pheromone Perfume – Phero X

You will come across several scams, bent facts, myths, lies, and confusion about pheromone perfume Phero X in Malaysia. However, we have real truths behind all this cloudiness of uncertainty. It is not very hard to find out and understand this truth. It is advisable to read much before you buy any human pheromones. This article will put you on the right paths as you plan to obtain the best pheromone perfume in Malaysia.

1 Human Pheromones are Scams that Don’t Work

This is one of the biggest myths about pheromone perfume in Malaysia that has some truth to it. The truth of the matter is that we have several products that claim to have pheromone perfume, but they don’t. You cannot expect such products to work. Any product can claim to be pheromone since no law that prohibits such actions. As a consumer, there is a need to identify genuine products from fake ones.

Most scammers do this to generate quick income from illegitimate means. There are three primary human pheromone substances which include androstenol, androsterone, and androstenone. Products that contain any of these three substances are legit and work very well. It’s important to go through the ingredients before buying human pheromone products or colognes. You will be sure that there are actual human pheromones in the bottle.

2 More Expensive Bottles are better than Cheaper Ones

The statement that argues that expensive bottles are the best is a big lie. Perfumes like the new Pheromone additives or NPA work very well, but they are relatively cheap. This pheromone perfume in Malaysia comes in smaller bottles than other products. The product only has one human pheromone substance known as Androstenone. The perfume has great reviews in the pheromone community.

3 Our Bodies Produce Enough Pheromones

You will agree with the fact that the human body produces some pheromones. You can synthesise these pheromones and put them in a bottle. However, these amounts are very small, and it is very hard for them to have any effect on the opposite sex or for anybody to notice.

4 Phero X Pheromones can make all Men or Women Fall for You

Phero X pheromone perfume in Malaysia boosts your overall attractiveness, but there are several things that people look for in a mate. In fact, we have some women who don’t like Brad Pitt. You should never expect human pheromones to be a magic bullet or magical cure that will make everybody fall for you. Pheromones work well if the person you are dealing with doesn’t know you well.

5 Human Pheromone Perfume in Malaysia only uses the Smelling Sense

This is the biggest myth that is furthest from the truth because human pheromones need one or two catalysts. A catalyst can create or course activity without it being affected. A person should get attracted to you before pheromones accelerate the attraction. Human pheromones cannot work unless something is there. Pheromones cannot motivate a person who does not love you to fall in love. You need to change the level of the game before you start applying pheromones. Meet the criterion of that person and use human pheromones to enhance the attraction.