Rencana TTDI a Haven of Endless Possibility

When it comes to doing your business, and working from the suite’s development, getting business space Rencana Royale TTDI is an excellent move towards achieving business growth. For your activities to advance in a seamless manner, convenience and access to different amenities and places should be easy to make.

At Rencana TTDI, you will have a range of office suites that you will choose from including duplex deluxe suites, two-storey garden suites, executive duplex suites, deluxe suites and executive suites.

Endless possibilities for the workplace or business will not be viable unless you achieve aspirations. While at this project, you will get some units that will be able to satisfy your needs. You will have the options of working from the luxurious rooftop suites to working from private and small office environments. You will also work from units that are split-leveled in case you require space to relax while taking a short break from work.

Since accessing other amenities is also a concern, according to Rencana TTDI Lowyat, this investment is near major shopping locations like the Sunway Giza Mall, One Utama, The Curve, and Pavilion. The LDP and Penchala highway and link are available for taking you to your places of desire.

The design of the executive suites and the executive deluxe suites are tailored for accommodating your wishes and requirements. When at these suites, your work will be effortless as your creativity and thoughts will fully concentrate. They also have functional layouts, ample lighting and spacious layouts for making your place of work lively. You will also get a place near Rencana TTDI to hang out such as the nearby café that is crucial for a tea break. There also many amenities here for helping your mind and body release stress. There is a gymnasium with much equipment for burning your calories and working your body.

Rencana TTDI deluxe suites, on the other hand, gives split level units where you will work from one level and relax on the other level. They have tasteful and modest layout designs for getting you in a personal world where productivity and flow of ideas are seamless. For an exclusive dining experience, you will just get into the restaurants in the vicinity.

There are also two-storey garden suites that have three parking spaces for each unit. Rencana Royale Suites have modern designs and a lot of working areas for providing a relaxed and ample working environment. When you want to shop and dine with friends and family, you will just go to the nearby locations like the Sunway Giza Mall, One Utama, and The Curve. There is also an infinity sky pool for providing luxurious comfort. The Rencana Royale lounge at the area of the poolside is good for enjoying the city’s chocolate-picture view.

The corporate suites, located high in the sky, are good when you are working alone or when your business has few employees. You will get flexible environments for the firm that is suitable for enhancing the focus on building your business. Exclusivity and privacy are available because you will have dedicated elevators and distinct parking lots. For more details, visit: and